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Why should I buy the Aerosleeper?

It’s a very inexpensive product that really works. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but you will always have the ability on long travel trips to lock your head into place and sleep comfortably.

Why is it superior to other airplane sleeping products?

First: Its small, compact, and indestructible allowing you to easily carry a sleeping device on an airplane, bus, train, etc.
Second: Most other sleeping products are expensive and don’t really work. For example: doughnut pillows are large, uncomfortable, and can cost as much as $60. You get 2 Aerosleepers for 19.95 + S/H.

How fast can I get the Aerosleeper?

We usually can get it to you within 7 days from your purchase date through the website.

How does the Aerosleeper attach to the seat?

It has a high-friction surface that grabs to the seat allowing the Aerosleeper to hold your head in place.
Note: it takes a very small amount of force to hold your head in place.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through paypal, visa, mastercard, check, and money order.

How does it fit all head-sizes?

The Aerosleeper has adjustable foam pads and the flexible plastic adjusts to your headsize in minutes.

Will it go through security?

To this day we have not had one complaint with any security checks.

Shipping and Ordering

I see that you are a Florida based company. Can you ship anywhere in the U.S.?

Currently we only ship in the United States.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Only Florida residents are subject to Sales Tax at this time. If you do not live in Florida, you will not have to pay Sales Tax on your order.

What is your refund policy?

We do NOT accept refunds for the Aerosleeper. However if you have received a defective product, we will exchange it for you at no additional cost.