Top Ten Packing and Travel Tips

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For seasoned and non-seasoned travelers alike, packing for a vacation is a daunting task often put off until the last possible moment. The trill and excitement of jumping on an airplane and jaunting off to palm tree-lined beach is often trumped by the enormous to-do list that so often haunts travelers before leaving for a vacation. When executed carefully, packing for a vacation not only becomes trouble-free, but can actually be quite enjoyable as well.

  1. Create a packing list and stick to it -Creating a packing list provides a plan of execution and packing definitely needs execution. Visually seeing items on paper versus having every item of clothing thrown on the bed creates a sense of order instead of chaos. A great packing list is the most important order of business when traveling.
  2. Bring along a bag- Pack a small empty duffel bag inside your luggage. You will be prevented from dragging more than you need going and coming. The extra bag will accommodate souvenirs and gifts perfectly.
  3. Travel size saves the day- Travel size toiletries are the best companion when packing for travel. If the travel size bottle of shampoo is simply too small, buy two or three even; either way the luggage will become lighter and not heavier the trip goes on.
  4. Divide medications- Separate medications and place half in carryon luggage and half in checked luggage. If either bag is lost or stolen you will at least have your emergency stash safe and sound.
  5. Pack a little romance- Small tealite candles are lightweight, soothing and offer an excellent way to unwind after a long flight. Throw a few in your checked luggage and light up on your first night in the hotel as it is a great way to relax.
  6. First aid first- A small and through first aid kit should accompany any vacation. Purchase a petite kit to make its home in the pocket of checked luggage. The first aid kit should stay in the luggage even upon returning home; worries eliminated.
  7. Home contact- Assemble copies of your itinerary, passport and emergency contact information to leave with a trusted friend or family member. If you run into trouble or lose your passport it is much easier to replace if someone has a copy.
  8. Passport copy- Create a copy of your passport to bring a long with you. When checking into hotels, provide the copy instead of the original; your passport will never be out of your possession and the copy is widely accepted.
  9. Ziploc delicates- Especially for women, Ziploc bags present an array of benefits. At the top of the list for favorite Ziploc bag usage is the protection of dainty evening dresses and silky tops. Simply roll the clothing item and place in the bag; clothes will be removed wrinkle and stain free. Especially reassuring for travel is the fact that no oily hands of security checkers will leave stains on sexy silk tops.
  10. Don’t be a target- No need to carry the entire travel book around while on vacation. Rip out the pages of the guidebook you need and leave the book behind.

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