Top European Holiday Destinations

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The holiday travel season is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to select and book a fun-filled holiday vacation in one of the Europe’s best tourist cities. The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to travel to popular tourist destinations in Europe with most cities offering smaller crowds and colder temperatures.

Tried and true holiday destinations remain favorites because they continue to offer the best to even the most discriminating traveler. A memorable winter vacation packing culture, cuisine and sights, Europe’s great cities have it all.  Whether traveling with a small or large family, Europe is a wonderful destination for the upcoming holiday season.  Five great locations for the holidays are sure to surpass the magic of holiday expectation.


Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Bridge are all must see tourist spots in Europe’s busiest city during any time of the year. However, during Christmas, London truly comes alive with a picturesque backdrop for the holiday tourists featuring ice skating rinks throughout the city. Oxford Street becomes well lit during the short days with adoring lights to guide the faithful shopper.  Do not miss: A visit with Santa at the Enchanted Christmas House.  Treat your young travelers to Santa’s workshop and see the behind the scenes work of Santa and his elves.


Romantic Lisbon comes alive during the holiday season as it awards the traveler with a true traditional Christmas city famous for its Nativity scenes. Sprinkled throughout the city along some of Lisbon’s most picturesque cobblestone streets are beautifully erected nativity scenes telling the story of Christmas. Because Lisbon enjoys milder temperatures than Northern Europe, strolling along the narrow streets is quite enjoyable during the holiday season. Do not miss: Basilica da Estrela features an elaborate Nativity Scene with an impressive 500+ figurines.


Perhaps the most scenic European destination during the holiday season is the towns of Germany, both large and small. Germany, with its romantic backdrop and historic castles offers a true picture of jaw dropping splendor during the holiday season. Tourists bold enough to brave the cold will be rewarded with a towns bursting of festive holiday events including Christmas Markets and open caroling. Do not miss: Chriskindlemarkt in Stuttgart one of the most famous markets in Germany. Drawing more than three million visitors, the market takes place in front of the old palace creating an enchanting experience for any tourist.


One of the most sought after destinations in the world, many flock to Rome for festivities of the season. Widely known for its cuisine, culture and shopping Rome does not disappoint during the holidays with piazzas transformed into makeshift Christmas markets. Tourists to Rome often leave with a yearning to return as soon as possible and continue exploring the city that once ruled the world. Do not miss: St Peter’s Square is the place to be in Rome on Christmas Eve when the Pope delivers the Eve Mass.

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