Taking the Stress Out of Business Travel

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Many people have to fly on a regular basis for business travel. Whether you trips are weekly or just a few times a year, the following tips will help make your travel experience less stressful.

Create a Packing List

Don’t reinvent the wheel each time you travel. Create a standardized, but detailed, packing list so you know what you need for each trip. Your list should include a detailed and include all clothing items, toiletries, travel documents and electronic equipment and cords. If you trip lengths vary, you can create a few different versions of the list (e.g., two-day trip, week-long trip). Packing at the last minute can result in you leaving something out. A quick scan of your packing list will ensure you have the essentials.

Sign Up for a CLEAR Security Pass

If Orlando or Denver is your hub airport, consider getting a CLEAR Security Pass. It is a biometric-based card that lets you breeze pass long security lines. There are plans to roll the CLEAR program out to additional airports. You can visit www.clearme.com to learn more.

Confirm Cell Service

If you are headed to an international location for the first time, check your cell phone plan before you head out. Your cell provider may not offer adequate coverage of the area. Also, check on any special fees related to out-of-country use.

Fly the Same Airlines

If routing permits, try to fly the same airlines or airlines within the same alliance to rapidly gain rewards points. Depending on your level, you can get free upgrades, access to pre-flight lounges, expedited security screenings and other privileges. All of these things can add up to a more relaxing flight, especially if you are on the road a lot.

Pack the Snacks

Business meetings can run late and you may be rushing to catch your flight. Keep a few go-to snacks in your briefcase to help you stay energized. There is wide variety of snack bars that can help you stay fueled, including high-protein varieties, or nut/fruit flavors. Packs of dried fruit or trail mix are another great snack.

Invest in a Few Comfort Items

Noise-canceling headphone and a good head or neck support device are two items that can help you have a more enjoyable flight.  Noise-canceling headphones block out ambient noise to create a quiet and peaceful environment.  Head and neck rests are small, but mighty, travel companions. Popular styles include inflatable neck pillows or flexible plastic head stabilizers. The goal of these products is to keep reduce head flopping during sleep, thus minimizing the potential for a strained neck or upper shoulder.

Keep Family in Mind

If your business travel takes you to a variety of destinations, you can start a fun tradition by mailing home a postcard for each place you visit. Keep a book of postcard stamps in your briefcase. Most hotels will have post cards, or you can pick up one at the airport when you land. You can write a note to your sweetie or pen a message to your kids to let them know you are thinking about them. You’ll probably arrive back before your postcard, but it is a fun way for family back home to be remembered.

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