European Fall Getaways

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The ideal time to visit Europe is in the fall.  European cities normally swarming with tourists have fewer visitors roaming the streets and more locals offering an authentic visit to the city. Not only are there fewer tourists occupying seats in the city’s top restaurants, but the weather is cooler than the stifling, sticky heat that can drain even the most upbeat vacationer.

Whether for a few days or a few weeks, fall is the perfect season for a European getaway.  Airlines frequently offer lower fares and budget package deals during the fall months making a last minute getaway extremely attractive. Destinations offering great attractions, including smaller tourist crowds include:

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Fall is the ideal time to visit the Amalfi Coast. Frequently combined with a trip to Sorrento, Naples and the isle of Capri, the Amalfi coast is, perhaps, one of the most picturesque coasts in the world. Vibrantly painted houses perched upon the coastal cliffs create an atmosphere of romanticism for any visitor to Italy’s Campania region. The Amalfi Coast is bursting with tourists during the hot sticky months of summer; and the less crowded fall visit is not only refreshing for the tourist, but also for locals who are more patient and accommodating during the slower time. Even though the weather is cooler, the waves and currents are not too high to prohibit visiting famous tourist attractions like the blue grotto on the isle of Capri.

Paris, France

The perfect city for walking during the cool fall months, Paris makes and exceptional getaway. Lines to view famous paintings in the Louvre still exist during the fall but they are much shorter. During the fall, hotels and airlines are also more likely to offer last-minute deals to the city of lights. September and October in Paris especially eventful with the d’Automne Festival taking place. One of the liveliest festivals in Paris, the festival, marked by cooler weather, indicates the official end of summer.

Madrid, Spain

Nearly unbearable during summer months due to heat and humidity, Madrid is especially pleasant during the fall.  Madrid is designed perfectly for walking, and the fall months awards visitors with romantic cobblestone streets perfect for strolling to one of its many famous museums. The Autumn Festival, running from October to November, highlights all forms of culture from both Spanish and international artists alike.

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