Best Accessories for Comfort Sleeping Long Haul Flights

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Settling in for a long haul fight is a daunting task for even the most seasoned traveler. As every jet setter and business traveler know, the comfort level onboard greatly depends on what accessories you have brought to accompany the dreaded long haul.

Well-informed travelers pack along their most trusted ‘go to ‘accessories to aid in the comfort of the long haul flights. In addition to the iPad, iPhone and iPod, we offer you the run down the three best accessories to aid in comfort and sleeping on your next along haul flight.

Travel wrap

The paramount material for long haul flight comfort and luxury is cashmere.  A travel wrap provides comfort for unpredictable cabin air and cashmere material adds luxury when sleeping on an airplane.  Small enough to fit in a carry-on, the cashmere travel wraps invites you to grab your neck support and snuggle in for a good movie or a good long snooze.
Look for: a neutral color to hide any unwanted stains while traveling.

Noise canceling headphones

Constant humming of jumbo engines is not commonly characterized as a soothing sound.   Easily drown out the constant, sometimes throbbing, engine sound with noise cancelling headphones. The canceling headphones will also eliminate unwanted sounds from obnoxious passengers, crying babies and other annoyances causing disruption to much desired sleep.  The distress is removed while delivering your choice of soothing sounds.
Look for: a compact size with a retractable cord to maximize space.

Head and Neck support

Few will argue that airplane seats are comfortable after a long haul flight. The body part that takes the brunt of discomfort is the neck. Sleep deprived after a long haul flight with a sore and stiff neck is not a desirable way to arrive at a final destination. Head and neck support is important while sleeping on airplanes although very difficult to manage since many pillows support the neck while leaving the head rolling around for hours while sleeping on a long flight.
Look for: a small, one size fits all head and neck support to reduce soreness and stiffness for not only long haul flights but short flights as well.

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