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5 Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

If you are facing a long flight and want to arrive refreshed and ready to see the sights or get down to business with your colleagues, getting quality sleep on

Taking the Stress Out of Business Travel

Many people have to fly on a regular basis for business travel. Whether you trips are weekly or just a few times a year, the following tips will help make

Holiday Air Travel Tips

With the holiday approaching, many of us will head to the airport to catch a flight to visit family or friends. In 2010, it is estimated that over 24 million

Traveling with Children

With families living across the country, and sometimes across the globe, air trips end up being a necessary evil. Traveling with kids can create some memorable experiences. Here are some

Great Gifts for the Traveler

Do you have a traveler on your gift list this year? Here are some gift suggestions that will make travel more comfortable, more fun, and more organized for your adventurer.

How to Have a Comfortable Flight

Having a comfortable flight is as simple as being good to your body. It involves staying hydrated, keeping your blood circulating, and having a few travel accessories on hand to

Skytrax Reveals World’s Best Airport

Avid and seasoned travelers are familiar with scores of airports around the globe. Although many airports claim to hold titles including: world’s busiest, world’s friendliest and world’s easiest to transit,

European Fall Getaways

The ideal time to visit Europe is in the fall.  European cities normally swarming with tourists have fewer visitors roaming the streets and more locals offering an authentic visit to

How to Receive a First Class Upgrade

Flying in the first class cabin is a luxury by anyone’s standard. Exceeding business class, the first class cabin is packed with a host of added benefits including: primary boarding,

Top Airplane Exercises for International Flights

Making your way down the aisle of a jumbo jet preparing to depart on an international flight you are reminded of the tight confinement of airplanes. While planes are significantly

Top European Holiday Destinations

The holiday travel season is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to select and book a fun-filled holiday vacation in one of the Europe’s

Top Ten Packing and Travel Tips

For seasoned and non-seasoned travelers alike, packing for a vacation is a daunting task often put off until the last possible moment. The trill and excitement of jumping on an