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Quick Benefits

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Rubber backing allows the Aerosleeper to grab the seat surface and lock the position in place

Allows you to lean to the side with support just as you would as if you were laying in bed

Foam paddings and natural bend of the Aerosleeper allows you to rock from side to side during sleep

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What Other People Say About the Aerosleeper

Owen Jones
New York
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I love the Aerosleeper. It gives great stabilizing support to my head and I can finally sleep like a baby during long flights. I've tried many other travel pillows and nothing compares to the Aerosleeper. Highly recommended!
William Martin
Ontario, Canada
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I bought the Aerosleeper for a 12 hour flight to China & I'm so happy I did! I got to sleep through most of the flight. My last travel pillow was inflatable and it wasn't nearly this comfy.
Pamela Davis
Miami, USA
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I purchased the Aerosleeper for my husband who was traveling to Europe last week and he usually has a very hard time sleeping during flights. He said he was able to sleep through the whole flight, I couldn't believe it. Whoever designed this, really hit it out of the ballpark!
Barbara Diaz
Barcelona, Spain
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This is one of the best travel pillows I have ever tried, hands down! I used it during my trip to Germany and I was blown away by how comfortable it was.
Hans Bernet
Munich, Germany
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I used the Aerosleeper yesterday on my flight and I was very impressed. It was better than I expected. I slept comfortably for a couple of hours. I look forward to using it again!
Jordan Martinez
Montreal, Canada
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I hate long flights mainly because I have always had a terrible time falling asleep on the uncomfortable seats. For my last trip I decided to buy the Aerosleeper, just to see if it would help and I have to say, it made the trip way more enjoyable than usual. I slept for hours. Great product!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions? Take a look at some common ones or reach out to contact us directly!

Can I buy just one Aerosleeper or do I have to buy two?

You are welcome to buy one Aerosleeper if you like. To purchase one Aerosleeper, click here. Or if you would like to buy two Aerosleepers, click here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

If I have a small or big head will this work for me?

The Aerosleeper is flexible which allows it to fit heads that are smaller or larger.

Will this work for me in a regular home setting (not in an airplane)?

Yes, some people use it in a car setting for when they are parked at a rest stop to get a bit of sleep, other people use it at home to keep their head and neck more straight. There are various situational uses for the Aerosleeper.